EAHAD is keen to develop interactions between all members of the multidisciplinary team involved in care of patients with haemophilia. To move beyond the lunches of the nurse’s committee, a precongress entire day will be proposed to European nurses and physiotherapists involved in haemophilia care (and also for few physicians interested, within the limit of available seats) the day before the launch of the Paris 2017 EAHAD congress. Nurses and physios will have a joined meeting in the morning and will have their specific program the afternoon. The expected number of attendees is at least 70 and may reach 100.


TUESDAY 31stJanuary

9.30-10.15:     Welcome                                                                                      Room Loft GH

10.15-12.30:   Pre-meeting multidisciplinary session (Nurses and Physiotherapists Committees)                                                                                                 Room Loft GH
Chair: Sébastien Lobet

  • Introduction (Roseline d’Oiron and Cédric Hermans)
  • The contribution of nursing to effective haemophilia care (Francoise Bonfils, Elsbeth Müller-Kägi)
  • The contribution of physiotherapists to effective haemophilia care (David Stephensen, Sébastien Lobet, Piet de Kleijn, Marie Katzerová)
  • The necessity of a psychological care as part of a multidisciplinary approach (Perrine Limperg, Lotte Haverman)
  • Combined work between hematologist, nurse and physiotherapist: a vision for haemophilia care for the next 10 years (Cédric Hermans)

12.30-13.30:   Lunch                                                            Outside Session Room

13.30-17.00:  Parallel sessions: Nurses Committee
Evidenced-based haemophilia nursing care: are we doing it right                    Room Loft G
Chair: Martin Bedford

  • FIDELHEM: presentation from the group of nurses in Haemophilia Treatment Centres in France (Malika Makhloufi)
  • Introducing the EAHAD nursing guidelines: Process and rationale (Martin Bedford)
  • Guidelines for intravenous and central venous access device (CVAD) infusion in bleeding disorders
  • Infusion video (Elsbeth Müller-Kägi)
  • Gloves or no gloves? (Kate Khair)
  • Mothers perspectives on treatment (Charlotte von der Lippe)

15:00-15:15    Break                                                             Outside Session Room

  • Self-management
    – Facilitation of self management (Martin Bedford)
    – Case study: Needle phobia (Siri Grønhaug)
    – Two novel programs to improve self-management in haemophilia: the first outcomes (Marlies Schrijvers)
  • Surgery
    – Comprehensive Care Pathway for Surgical management of patients with bleeding disorders (Alpha-Umaru Barrie)
    – Haemophilia and surgery: do no further harm (Nanda Uitslager)
    – Case study: knee surgery (Ljiljana Rakic)
    – Discussion
  • Concluding comments

13.30-17.00:  Parallel sessions: Physiotherapists Committee
13:30-15:00:  Session I: The haemophilic ankle, the acute phase              Room Loft H
Chair: Ann McCarthy

  • Pathophysiology of haemophilic ankle arthropathy (Sébastien Lobet)
  • The haemophilic ankle in children: use of the Haemophilia Joint Health Score (HJHS) (Hannah Harbridge, Nathalie Grinda)
  • The assessment of the hindfoot, midfoot and forefoot with other clinical tests than Haemophilia Joint Health Score (HJHS) (Benjamin Hidalgo, Sofia Perez)
  • Treatment in subacute phase to return to pre-existing function and more (Hannah Harbridge, Nathalie Grinda)

15:00-15:15    Break                                                       Outside Session Room

15:15-17:00    Session II: The haemophilic ankle, the chronic phase              Room Loft H
Chair: Gaétan Duport

  • Orthopedic manual therapy (OMT) for the haemophilic ankle arthropathy: value and perspectives (Ruben Custa-Barriuso)
  • OMT in the treatment of the end-stage haemophilic ankle arthropathy in practice (Benjamin Hidalgo, Ruben Custa-Barriuso)
  • The role of ankle ortheses in haemophilic arthropathy (Kevin Deschamps)
  • The role of physiotherapist in Summer Camp (Marie Katzerova)
  • Concluding comments

17:00-18:00:   Networking                                              Outside Session Room


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